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Morgan joined Foundation Capital in 2018 as an investor on the enterprise team. Morgan brings her startup experience, as the founder of an AI-focused B2B company, to her role at Foundation Capital, as well as operating knowledge from product management and an academic background in engineering. She is passionate about helping ambitious founders build legendary companies and specializes in AI/ML, infrastructure, dev tools, deep tech and general B2B.

Growing up in Taipei, Taiwan, Morgan experienced the journey of an entrepreneur firsthand, spending most  of her childhood at her grandfather’s textile company. At the age of 10, Morgan was first exposed to the idea of artificial intelligence from the Steven Spielberg film , “AI”. As an only child, Morgan was fascinated by the possibility of creating an artificial sibling in the future. Morgan’s desire to bring artificial intelligence to everyday life led her to MIT, where she graduated with a BS in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, and M.Eng. in Artificial Intelligence.

Given her early exposure to entrepreneurship and her passion for technology, Morgan started her career at Flux Factory, a Google [X] spin-off that aimed to take a data-driven approach to apply machine learning in the construction space. From there, Morgan joined Loop AI Labs Cognitive Computing as a machine learning engineer working on the latest NLP technology to develop its cognitive platform. Before joining Foundation Capital, Morgan founded and led HearInsights, an AI-enabled meeting assistant that extracted information from voice data and provided auto-generated insights and notes to the users.

Morgan believes in the transformative power of AI to solve the next wave of challenges that tomorrow’s innovators will face.  When she’s not thinking about AI or busy developing her artificial sibling, Morgan enjoys traveling, reading, weightlifting, and finding hidden gem restaurants in the city.