Blog / 01.10.18

New year, new chapter:

Kelly Graziadei joins Foundation Capital as Entrepreneur-in-Residence

I’ve learned throughout the years that it’s all about the people. When Meg Sloan and Paul Holland invited me to become an Entrepreneur-in-Residence at Foundation, I knew this was the right next step and the right group of people

Blog / 12.12.17

Zuckerberg’s Rules: Four Lessons for B2B Marketers and Entrepreneurs

Mike Hoefflinger, author of Becoming Facebook, shares lessons for enterprise marketers from the social network's rapid-growth days.

Blog / 11.29.17

Reinventing Enterprise Software

In the past decade, costs, capabilities, and talent have finally arrived at a point where it is finally practical to deploy this tool across the tech economy.

Blog / 11.01.17

Foundation Capital Leads CoverWallet Series B Financing. Welcome and Congrats!

Moreover, as our track record shows, I think we’ve gotten pretty good at identifying which startups have the “secret sauce” to become a great fintech company. Which is why we’re excited to have led the Series B for CoverWallet, an online insurance broker for small businesses which is upending the industry.

news / 10.19.17

AI Recruiting Company Mya Systems Announces $18M Series B Funding

AI Recruiting Company Mya Systems Announces $18M Series B Funding, Introduces Industry’s First AI-Based Technology to Automate Sourcing and First Multi-Lingual Support

a/v / 10.18.17

Paul on CNBC, Dow breaks 23,000

Watch Paul Holland touch on Netflix, the cord cutters vs. the cord never generation and his insight on the Dow making history and breaking 23,000!

news / 10.13.17

CoverWallet Raises $18 Million Series B After Insuring Thousands of Businesses

Since launching in 2016, CoverWallet has secured over $30 million in venture capital funding. As part of this recent financing, Charles Moldow, General Partner at Foundation Capital, joins John Buttrick from Union Square Ventures on our board of directors. Rodolfo Gonzalez, Partner at Foundation, joins as board observer.

Blog / 10.05.17

QuanticMind Raises Series B – Congrats and Welcome!

QuanticMind works with sophisticated digital marketers to help them build a unified view of their customer data, and then applies AI to optimize key elements of the customer journey including search, shopping channels, and social.

news / 09.18.17

Itron to Acquire Silver Spring Networks

BERTY LAKE, Wash. and SAN JOSE, Calif. — Sept. 18, 2017 — Itron, Inc. (NASDAQ: ITRI) and Silver Spring Networks, Inc. (NYSE: SSNI) today announced that they have signed a definitive agreement for Itron to acquire all outstanding shares of Silver Spring for $16.25 per share in cash.

a/vBlog / 09.14.17

Ashu Garg at Circulate 2017

Why a 10X Increase in MarTech Spend is Ushering in the Decade of the CMO - Ashu Garg

news / 09.01.17

Three Reasons Why The Cybersecurity Industry May Never Catch Up To Cybercrime

Answer by Paul Holland, General Partner at Foundation Capital, on Quora:

news / 08.28.17

3 Things Every Investor Wants to Hear in a Pitch

What things can a VC hear in a pitch that might excite them about a company? originally appeared on Quora - Answer by Paul Holland,

news / 08.28.17

From Cottage Industry to Trillions of Dollars: Silicon Valley Venture Capital Then and Now

One of the biggest differences between then and now is just scale. The industry is now orders of magnitude bigger than back then, when it was literally a handful of people.

news / 08.24.17

Paul’s Quora session

At Foundation Capital, we’re listening for three major themes: market, technology/idea, and people. We’re listening for them in that order, because, first, if there isn’t, or isn’t going to be, a large market opportunity, then we don’t have a chance at a really big exit and that’s what our job as venture investors is.

a/v / 08.11.17

Paul on CNBC

Paul Holland was one cool (bearded) cat on CNBC! On Squawk Alley to discuss Snap's lows, Uber's woes, & Disney-from-Netflix goes.

news / 08.10.17

Trufa Awarded Red Dot Award

Huge Congrats to Trufa!Their enterprise performance application received the prestigious Red Dot Award: Communication Design 2017!!

news / 08.09.17

When it Comes to Cybersecurity, Companies Need Force Fields, Not Walls

Respond CEO Mike Armistead sounds the alarm about a fatal flaw in every major company's cybersecurity.

news / 08.07.17

Steve on CNBC

Steve was live from the floor of the NYSE for an interview about his most recent WSJ op-ed, Netflix’s first acquisition, and Uber.

news / 08.07.17

The Design Revolution in Consumer Tech

In his latest for the Wall Street Journal, Steve explains how design has become indispensable to tech now and for the dawning “ambient computing.”

news / 08.01.17

Vetted is Reinventing Pet Healthcare

Congrats to Vetted, reinventing the pet healthcare industry!

Blog / 07.25.17

Foundation Capital’s Third Annual Female Founders Dinner

It’s in the company of women such as these that I feel the most optimistic. Institutional sexism can’t and won’t be fought with just words.

news / 07.21.17

Graphcore Raises $30m Series B

Congrats, Graphcore! $30 million Series B to help lay the foundations or the AI future.

news / 07.13.17

Rover Raises $65m for Pet Sitting

“Our walking business is growing phenomenally.” Congrats on another big raise, Rover!

Blog / 07.11.17

Of Marigolds and Mobile Security: Symantec Is Acquiring Skycure!

Foundation is proud of what Skycure has accomplished, gratified that we were able to help, & excited for what comes next. Congratulations & upwards!

a/v / 07.10.17

Ashu Talks Scaling on SaaStr

If you’re a SaaS founder in need of advice on how to scale your company, look no further – Ashu explains it all.

a/v / 06.30.17

Charles on TechCrunch’s Equity Podcast Series

Charles discusses the latest sexual harassment allegations against Binary Capital and Blue Apron’s disappointing IPO.

a/v / 06.28.17

The Next Chapter of Design Thinking

Steve talks to gamification guru Amy Jo Kim about design, gaming, systems theory, and entrepreneurship.

news / 06.26.17

Two Things That Always Get My Attention

Joanne offers some advice for getting the attention of a VC (hint: do your research).

news / 06.26.17

How Technology Will Change Over the Next Decade

What emerging technologies are likely to be mainstream in the next ten years? Joanne weighs in.

a/v / 06.22.17


Steve was on CNBC to discuss his Wall Street Journal op-ed and Uber CEO Travis Kalanick's resignation.

news / 06.21.17

What Does Joanne’s Typical Day Look Like?

Joanne offers some insight into a typical day as a VC.

news / 06.21.17

Joanne on Quora

Joanne answered questions on everything from whether AI is overhyped to what she looks for in entrepreneurs to the names of her cats.

news / 06.21.17

It’s Time for Apple to Go Hollywood

The computer giant could energize itself by acquiring Netflix.

Blog / 06.14.17

Enter Fortanix, the First Runtime Security Solution

For the past year, Ambuj and Anand have incubated Fortanix at Foundation Capital, building a solution to a critical security problem: encryption during runtime.

news / 05.26.17

Doing the Impossible

Ever since he was a child, Steve Vassallo has thrived on doing the impossible through the process of design.

Blog / 05.09.17

Tubi Raises $20M Series C to Accelerate Expansion and Customer Access

Congratulations to Tubi on completing their Series C! Joining us in this round are Jump Capital, Danhua Capital, and Cota Capital LLC.

news / 05.08.17

Design Thinking Needs To Think Bigger

Design thinking, as it was conceived 15 years ago, has outlived its usefulness. Enter systems thinking.

news / 05.01.17

The past, present, and future of design in Silicon Valley

Until very recently, success in Silicon Valley required focusing almost single-mindedly on an organization’s technical prowess.

research / 04.27.17

The Way to Design

It's a journey, a creative expedition -- and this book to help you find your way.

a/v / 04.27.17

Design Is

The Way To Design is the first guidebook to this new world and this new understanding of design.

Blog / 04.27.17

Introducing The Way to Design

It's been a long road getting from there to here, but without further ado, allow me to humbly present … The Way to Design.

news / 04.26.17

The Case Against Empathy

Designers love to tout their ability to empathize with users. But too much empathy can kill a company. Here’s what to do instead.

Blog / 04.04.17

Cohesity Raises Over $90 Million in Series C Funding to Meet Surging Customer Demand

Super excited about Cohesity and congrats to the team on raising their Series C! We are thrilled to be part of it.

news / 04.04.17

Cohesity raises $90M+ Series C round for its hyperconverged data platform

Cohesity, a company that helps enterprises to store and manage all of the secondary data they create outside of their production apps...

Blog / 03.29.17

DogVacay Joining Forces with Rover

I'm very pleased to share the news that DogVacay will be joining forces with Rover.

Blog / 03.20.17

On joining Foundation Capital and building something new

I’m thrilled and honored to be joining Foundation Capital as an Entrepreneur in Residence, working closely with Steve Vassallo.

Blog / 03.13.17

Introducing the Bolt Threads Spider Silk Tie

A team of scientists and engineers at Bolt Threads has produced a necktie made of 100% human-made spider silk.

Blog / 03.09.17

LendingHome Sets Its Sights on Consumers

Now, LendingHome is turning its attention to the Mount Everest of mortgage lending: consumers. And I couldn’t be more excited.

Blog / 02.27.17

Designer Dialogues: Nate Weiner, Founder and CEO @ Pocket

Let’s start with the big news: Pocket is being acquired by Mozilla, and will continue on as a wholly-owned, independent subsidiary.

news / 02.24.17

The 3 M’s of Performance Marketing: What Every CEO Should Know

Performance marketing has become such an essential driver of business success that CEOs who overlook it do so at the detriment of their business.

news / 02.23.17

Women Founders And Funders Fight Back Against Trump’s Immigration Ban

Like Perdomo, venture capital partner Joanne Chen has pledged to remain vocal.

Blog / 02.09.17

Beyond MTV: A conversation with Nina Webb, VP of marketing at Atlantic Records

At Foundation Capital, we rely on our network of industry leaders to help us assess where the greatest needs for innovation are.

Blog / 01.31.17

A Statement on the Immigration Ban

The recent executive order suspending admittance of all refugees and banning immigration from select countries is odious and ill-considered.

news / 01.30.17

Deep Learning Will Radically Change the Ways We Interact with Technology

Even though heat and sound are both forms of energy, when you were a kid, you probably didn’t need to be told not to speak in thermal convection.

Blog / 01.25.17

CES: Is It Worth It?

I unlocked an achievement earlier this month: 10 years of attending CES. They even gave me a badge to mark the milestone.

Blog / 01.12.17

Adaptive Learning and the Future of Education: A conversation with DreamBox Learning President and CEO Jessie Woolley-Wilson

What follows is a conversation between myself and DreamBox’s President and CEO Jessie Woolley-Wilson.

news / 01.10.17

Employee retirement savings advisor ForUsAll hits $100 million in AUM

“The paradigm shift from defined pensions to defined contributions happened for a reason and we’re not going back,” Inoue says.

news / 12.21.16

Three Resolutions Every Marketer Should Make This Year

How video can help your brand get personal, scalable, and virtual in 2017

news / 12.21.16

Why Most Great Designers Are Poorly Equipped To Be Founders

I’ve been conducting a massive research project on the role of design in today’s startups and on what designer founders need to do to succeed.

news / 12.20.16

Why Design Can Make Or Break Your Startup

Design is non-negotiable for startups. Businesses, even in the very recent past, weren't doomed to certain failure because of a weak design emphasis.

news / 12.19.16

Top Investors Look For This One Essential Trait in Founders

In my experience, the pitch matters a lot less than the people or the product.

news / 12.15.16

How Much Can Design Make or Break a Startup?

Originally appeared on Quora - the knowledge sharing network where compelling questions are answered by people with unique insights.

Blog / 12.15.16

Product Minds Holiday Gift Guide

We asked the Product Minds community – our motley collective of product makers, creatives, and entrepreneurs – for suggestions on what to presents to give this holiday season. Here are some of the coolest gift ideas for 2016.

news / 12.14.16

Silicon Valley Tech Leaders Meet with President-Elect Donald Trump

Venture Capitalist Paul Holland says it makes sense for tech leaders to come to the table.

news / 12.13.16

Quora Session with Steve Vassallo

I’ve been working on a months-long research project on this question &, more broadly, the role of design & of designer founders in the tech ecosystem.

a/v / 12.06.16

3 ways the business and pleasure of TV has completely changed

Ann Sarnoff, President of BBC Worldwide North America breaks down the radical consumer shifts TV viewing and marketing.

a/v / 12.05.16

2016 Year in Review

A whirlwind tour of our whirlwind 2016. Many thanks to everyone in the FC community for a "good busy" year.

news / 11.30.16

8 tech startup trends to watch in 2017

Artificial intelligence startups will be big next year, along with startups in cybersecurity, chatbots, VR and legalized recreational marijuana, according to experts.

a/v / 11.22.16

Technology is at the heart of today’s marketing

Putting the 'tech' in MarTech.

news / 11.21.16

Don’t miss this: Joanne Chen talking drones at Web Summit 2016.

Romeo Durscher of DJI with Joanne Chen of Foundation Capital at our AutoTech conference at #WebSummit 2016.

a/v / 11.15.16

The 6th Key: Video

The revolution will not be televised. It will be streamed, snapped, tweeted, and projected in virtual reality.

Blog / 11.10.16

Congratulations to TubeMogul and Adobe!

TubeMogul's acquisition by Adobe is an exciting moment for both companies, and a proud one for all of us at Foundation Capital.

news / 11.10.16

After Trump’s Election, Women Are More Worried About Diversity In Tech

Tech has long been dominated by white males. Underrepresented groups hope Trump’s victory won’t make tech’s diversity problem worse.

news / 11.09.16

With Donald Trump’s surprising victory, Silicon Valley is having a meltdown

President-elect Donald Trump. That reality landed Wed. morning to the kind of welcome the tech community usually reserves for an unexpected cyber attack.

news / 11.08.16

Why B2B Marketers Are Ready to Go All in on Programmatic

A just-released survey of B2B marketers and agencies discovered that it's a defining moment for B2B programmatic adoption.

Blog / 11.02.16

Still learning every day: A conversation with LinkedIn’s Shannon Stubo

At our third annual CMO Tech Tour, we discussed today’s best-in-class marketing practices and attempted to uncover tomorrow’s brightest MarTech innovations.

a/v / 11.01.16

What terrified Charles Moldow

Charles Moldow, speaking at the Okanagan Tech Community's Entrepreneurship All-Star Coffee, about his greatest fear.

Blog / 10.31.16

AI is shaping our future—and GraphCore is shaping AI

Today, we encounter this technology whenever we watch Netflix or talk to Siri. Even the ads we see on Google are powered by AI.

news / 10.24.16

Venture Capitalists Hunt for the Next Big Thing

As they struggle to predict what tech might spark a new boom, investors spread their bets

a/v / 10.20.16

FC CEO Collective 2016

Video Yearbook: Foundation Capital CEO Collective 2016. October 6, 2016. Portola Valley, CA.

news / 10.17.16

Fintech Investment Slides as Insurance Tech Gains

The unexpectedly large turnout at last week’s insurance technology conference in Las Vegas speaks to the changes in the fintech landscape.

Blog / 10.13.16

Game Changers: A Conversation with Neil Hunt, Netflix Chief Product Officer

Twenty-five years ago I met Neil Hunt, now Chief Product Officer at Netflix, when I joined him and Reed Hastings at Pure Software

Blog / 10.12.16

With IPO, Azure Power’s Star is Rising

Congratulations to Inderpreet and the entire team. We’re excited about what Azure is doing and will do.

a/v / 10.11.16

Getting down to the brain level

Doug Fraser, Director of Marketing Science at Instagram, on why cookies and clickthroughs no longer cut it.

news / 10.06.16

How to Find the Right Marketing Leader for Your Company

Why are CEOs perennially frustrated with their marketing leads?

news / 10.05.16

Designing The Next Steve Jobs

I remember talking with him when he would come to our offices at Ideo with his most intractable design problems.

news / 09.30.16

Attending a Conference: It’s About More Than a Lanyard

I’ve organized my fair share of industry conferences and attended even more. And on either side, my experience has been a mixed bag — of the branded tote variety.

Blog / 09.26.16

The future of TV: a conversation with the BBC’s Ann Sarnoff

At our third annual CMO Tech Tour, we discussed today’s best-in-class marketing practices and attempted to uncover the brightest MarTech innovations.

news / 09.20.16

Foundation Capital Announces Promotions on Leadership Team

We are excited to announce the promotions of these 3 well-deserving leaders who have the expertise to manage Foundation Capitals operational functions

Blog / 09.13.16

Whatever happened to 3D printing?

Just a few years ago, it seemed as though everyone from TechCrunch to Wall Street was predicting that manufacturing as we knew it was over.

news / 09.09.16

Reflections on a historic few months for online video

This has been my Summer of Video — several months when it became clear to me that we’ve reached an inflection point in the transition from linear TV to online video.

news / 08.26.16

Why Venture Capitalists Are Betting on Marketing Tech Over Ad Tech

The distinction between the two sectors is increasingly blurring, but investors say a predictable revenue model is key.

research / 08.22.16

Millennial Money: A survey of the digital generation about their financial lives

Millennials in the Mirror. This self-driven, selfie-driven generation has big dreams.

Blog / 08.22.16

Back in school, back in debt

Indeed, 71 percent of students fund their college education by taking out student loans—debt that now totals $1.3 trillion.

news / 08.10.16

The Gig Is Up: The Real Value Of Gig Economy Startups Isn’t The Model — It’s The Supply

Recently, the gig economy – aka the “on-demand” or “shared” economy – has drawn as much ire and excitement and cash from venture capital investors.

Blog / 08.01.16

Leadership in Silicon Valley

Rebecca Ward is the CEO of Moxie, the leading provider of digital customer engagement technology.

research / 07.19.16

FC Ideas: FinTech

The Financial Services incumbents will develop against four key consumer trends: Simplification, Transparency, Analytics, & Reduce Friction.

Blog / 07.19.16

Skycure protects enterprises from mobile security threats

Security attacks today, unlike in the past, tend to focus on businesses rather than consumers

Blog / 06.29.16

ForUsAll makes retirement savings possible for all of us

There are 70 million Americans who do not have a pension, who do not have a 401(k), and the vast, vast majority of whom do not have an IRA.

news / 06.29.16

The Rise of Self-Learning Software

Looking ahead, self-learning software will be the one thing that distinguishes legacy enterprise applications from modern ones.

Blog / 06.20.16

Meet Melissa Miranda, FC’s new Entrepreneur-in-Residence

I’m thrilled to be here working with Steve Vassallo on a design research project.

news / 06.13.16

Should You Catch the Virtual Reality Wave?

It's not yet the age of virtual reality, but more and more marketers are dipping their toes into the technology.

research / 06.04.16

The Revolution Will Not Be Televised

Technology has transformed marketing into a technical discipline as much as a creative one

research / 06.01.16

MarTech and the Decade of the CMO

The shift from art to science requires CMOs to reinvent themselves and their organizations or become irrelevant.

Blog / 05.26.16

The world doesn’t care about Bitcoin

I sat down with Catheryne Nicholson, CEO and cofounder of BlockCypher, for FC's first-ever podcast.

news / 03.28.16

Why The Enemy of Entrepreneurs Is About To Become Their Best Friend

The distinction between the two sectors is increasingly blurring, but investors say a predictable revenue model is key.

Blog / 01.11.16

3 Ways Marketing Is Becoming a Technical Discipline

Technology is changing the world around us—from the way we communicate to the way we collect data, even the way we shop.

Blog / 12.14.15

Introducing FC8

We’re pleased to officially open the investment period of Foundation Capital Fund 8 (FC8), a $325 million early stage fund.

news / 12.10.15

5 big martech challenges that marketers will face in 2016

The evolution of marketing technology has come a long way this year.

Blog / 11.05.15

Rats in a Maze – the magic of real estate rental marketplaces

Rats in a maze –– that’s probably how we would appear to aliens watching from above.

news / 09.16.15

5 Keys to Unlock the Decade of the CMO

As CMOs gain more power in the boardroom — and over technology spend — it will be critical that they understand the factors that drive success.

Blog / 08.05.15

Sunrun’s Century in the Sun

Over 20-year history, two-thirds of the investments we have led are the first institutional investments our portfolio companies have received.

news / 07.31.15

Dreamers and Disruptors: How the Evolution of Silicon Valley is Reshaping Our World

The earliest companies in Silicon Valley were created by dreamers. Driven by visions of an improved future, these dreamers built entirely new areas of technology, including semiconductors, computers and networking.

a/v / 06.23.15

Celebrating Summer With Foundation Capital

Check out our annual summer party — and thanks to everyone who made this season’s kickoff our best yet!

a/v / 06.16.15

Foundation Capital Startup Stories: Netflix

Netflix’s CEO, Reed Hastings, discusses his “White Knuckle Moment” in this Foundation Capital Startup Story.