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Every company is becoming a software company. Every business will be in the data business. AI will eventually eat all software.

Zero to One.

We help our companies cross the valley of death with support on everything from storytelling and customer introductions to recruiting and fundraising.

Where We Invest

Intelligent Automation

As AI reimagines all applications, we look for companies that combine content generation and process automation, build low and no-code tools to help business users leverage AI, or bring AI to the physical world.

list of icons for the companies: dragonfruit, eightfold.ai, ikigai, jasper.ai, liv, regie.ai, safelyYou, tingono, tonkean and Turing

Data / ML Infrastructure

As every enterprise begins to build its own AI apps, tooling for a new AI-centric infrastructure stack will be needed because AI applications are built with code, data & models together; the talent vacuum for ML engineers will have to be bridged with productivity-enhancing tooling; and meteoric growth in data and models will require specialized data storage, management, and processing capabilities.

icons of companies listed as the following: anomalo, anyscale, arize, cerebras, cohesity, era software, fennel, OpsMx, outerbounds, watchful


Most assets are becoming digital and cyber is the new battleground. We look for companies that are automating the security analyst workflow, securing the explosion of data, or detecting net new threats.

anvilogic, forgerock, fortanix, respond, skyflow, stacklet, trustlab, vector flow and venafi logos

Dev Tools

As the need for software engineers continues to mount, we are looking for companies that create value for the enterprise and its builders by automating low-creativity taks and enhancing productivity through platform tools. These tools will empower developers to focus on making versus managing systems and infrastructure, while still recognizing the need for control and visibility.

Development tools image with three company logos displayed. This is an emerging subsector for our enterprise practice. More to come!

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