Zach joined Foundation in 2014. He’s interested in all things fintech, more specifically helping drive fundamental product innovation in financial services markets across the globe. Zach has spent most of his career in this pursuit, here are some of his stops along the way:

  • All told Zach spent eight years at Capital One — He made many tiny contributions to their credit card, auto finance, and retail banking business lines.

  • Zach helped the company acquire $20B in retail bank market cap across two acquisitions (Hibernia and North Fork) and nearly acquire Netspend Financial.

  • He led the almost-launch of a network of Capital One Loan Stores — the mortgage crisis had other ideas.

  • Back when fintech used to be called “financial services-enabled technology,” Zach was an investor at North Hill Ventures, a subsidiary of Capital One. Some of their investments included the operator of Zelle (Early Warning), a paycard issuer (FSV Payment Systems, acquired by US Bank), digital gift card processor (Cashstar, acquired by Blackhawk), and reverse mortgage originator. They also passed on Credit Karma’s Series A. 🙁

  • He once tried to escape fintech by writing a monstrous report about the On-Demand Economy he wasn’t successful.

Beyond that, Zach has a BS in Economics from Stanford University and an MBA from the MIT Sloan School of Management. He’s currently trying to get good at tennis again and enjoys over-analyzing television.