Jaya’s first affinity for technology began at age 19 when she built a startup called CardioBuddy (which failed!) but she joined a startup (which eventually got acquired!) while studying at Georgia Tech.

Today at Foundation, Jaya leads early-stage investments across the enterprise software stack. She’s particularly excited about the “picks and shovels” that are powering the next wave of machine learning. At the application layer, she’s currently exploring generative AI’s ability to transform all aspects of enterprise software, from its capabilities to the way it’s coded.

Jaya originally joined Foundation as a chief of staff focused on portfolio operations and strategy. She soon developed a love for working with exceptional founders, together with a knack for building communities around university networks like IIT, Berkeley, and Georgia Tech. Prior to Foundation, she worked for McKinsey’s technology practice, where she ran software diligences and helped startups develop strategic GTM plans. She has worked at 2 startups in the past of which both have been acquired and started a company called CardioBuddy through Tie Indus Entreprenurs when she was young. She also started a non-profit called Give a Birthday with the goal of empowering students and young children in tough situations with birthday parties.

Jaya is passionate about South Asian culture, from Bollywood movies to the best new Indian restaurant. In her free time, you can find her trying out new exercise classes (Barry’s is her current obsession), playing poker at a friend’s apartment, or volunteering abroad. She also dabbles in hiking and is working on her surfing skills.