Andrew Han



Andrew grew up splitting his time between Champaign-Urbana, Illinois, and Silicon Valley. As a child of Taiwanese immigrants—a professor and a software engineer—he spent his childhood thinking about the synthesis of theory and practice, and the diffusion of technology from the ivory tower of academic research to the world at large. He is most interested in understanding technological history and the builders who make it.

To this end, Andrew began his career at Bridgewater Associates, where he researched equities and commodities. He then joined SciFi VC, where he invested in AI, healthcare, and enterprise software with Nellie and Max Levchin. Studying global macro helped him understand historical cycles—the ways in which history repeats itself—as well as the ways in which the wisdom of crowds sometimes becomes the madness of crowds. Technology investing, by contrast, taught him about the events in history which happen only once.

At Foundation, Andrew focuses on hard problems across the AI stack—including models, data infrastructure, and applications—and crypto.

Andrew received his B.A.S. in philosophy and applied math and his M.S. in computer science from Stanford. At Stanford, he was a teaching assistant for “Deep Learning for Computer Vision,” “Introduction to Artificial Intelligence,” and “Web Applications.” each of which were attended by hundreds of students.

Andrew spends his time outside of work reading financial history and philosophy and building open source software.