PODCAST / 12/19 .18

Ashu Garg

The man. The Maniac.

PODCAST / 11/15 .18

Tien Tzuo

Tien Tzuo, CEO & founder of Zuora, breaks down how to tell a story and design a company.

PODCAST / 10/19 .18

Frederic Laluyaux

Frederic Laluyaux, President and CEO of Aera Technology and serial entrepreneur, talks to Ashu about how he went from a failed startup built in his garage in France to scaling billion dollar public companies.

PODCAST / 09/20 .18

Doug Knopper

Doug Knopper, co-founder and former co-CEO of FreeWheel, talks to Ashu about how to hire and develop talent. Doug also discusses his new project, CEOhacker, which helps young founders, especially women and people of color, become leaders of companies.

PODCAST / 08/12 .18

Nick Mehta

In the recent episode of How to B2B a CEO, Ashu chats = with Nick Mehta, CEO of Gainsight. They spoke at length about how he was able to develop an entirely new industry category: customer success. He did this through: the power of information advantage

PODCAST / 07/27 .18

 Dheeraj Pandey

Dheeraj Pandey is founder, chairman, and CEO of Nutanix, one of the fastest growing enterprise companies of the past decade. Nutanix went from idea to public company in less than seven years. Dheeraj spoke with Ashu about his journey from India to Silicon Valley and from engineer to CEO.

PODCAST / 07/27 .18

Jyoti Bansal

The show about how to scale your enterprise startup and how to grow from technical founder to CEO. In this episode: Ashu talks to Jyoti Bansal, founder and CEO of AppDynamics, which was recently sold to Cisco for $3.7 B.