Episode 50

How to Win Your First Enterprise Customer

With Doug Winter, Founder and CEO at Seismic

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03.29.2024 | By: Ashu Garg

Foundation Capital · How to Win Your First Enterprise Customer (Doug Winter, Founder and CEO at Seismic)


My guest today is Doug Winter, the founder and CEO of Seismic, a leading enterprise sales enablement platform. Today, Seismic has a team of 1,500 people and nearly $400 million in recurring revenue.

We start the conversation with Doug explaining what sales enablement actually means. From there, we turn to the early days of Seismic and unpack Doug’s approach to finding product-market fit, positioning, and targeting enterprise customers from day one. He speaks candidly about the challenges of scaling and closes with actionable advice for founders in 2024.

Fewer than 1% of B2B software companies reach Seismic’s scale. Doug’s story offers a valuable blueprint for founders with similarly audacious ambitions.

I hope you find this conversation as inspiring as I did. Let’s dive in!

(2:21) Doug explains what sales enablement is

(3:39) Genesis of the idea for Seismic

(7:08) Seismic’s scrappy early days

(13:10) Lessons from fundraising

(18:23) Targeting large enterprises from day one

(22:32) Scaling a GTM engine

(28:23) Making proactive leadership changes

(37:12) Running great board meetings

(40:59) Impact of AI on Seismic’s business

(44:42) Advice for founders starting in 2024

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Published on 11.17.2023
Written By Ashu Garg

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