Episode 40

How to Hire People Better Than Yourself

With Ashutosh Garg, Founder and CEO at Eightfold

By Ashu Garg


Ashutosh Garg, founder and CEO of Eightfold

On this episode, it’s Ashu Garg vs. Ashu Garg. Our guest is his good friend Ashu Garg, who also goes by Ashutosh. Ashutosh is the founder and CEO of Eightfold, an AI-powered talent-acquisition and -management platform, where our Ashu is a board member and early investor in the company.

In this conversation, the two Ashus trace Eightfold’s not-always-easy path from altruistic mission to Silicon Valley unicorn. They spend much of their time discussing how to hire the best people. And CEO Ashu shares everything he wished he knew at the beginning of his startup journey.

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Published on 06.23.22
Written by Ashu Garg

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