Episode 49

How to Shape the Future of AI

With Naveen Rao, VP of Generative AI at DataBricks

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12.22.2023 | By: Ashu Garg

Foundation Capital · How to Shape the Future of AI (Naveen Rao, VP of Generative AI at Databricks)

Episode 49

My guest this month is Naveen Rao, the co-founder of MosaicML and current head of generative AI at Databricks.

Naveen’s journey is unique, as it echoes the evolution of AI itself. He’s best known for founding and selling two successful companies. The first, Nervana, an AI-focused chip company, was acquired by Intel for $400 million in 2016. The second, MosaicML, was acquired by Databricks in June for $1.3 billion.

In our conversation, we unpack the insights and frameworks that led Naveen to make these bets in the first place. We begin by exploring his long history in AI research and startups, from his early days at Qualcomm, his founding of Nervana, and the genesis of MosaicML.

We then turn to the complexities of the ever-changing AI landscape and go behind the scenes of MosaicML’s acquisition by Databricks. We close with Naveen’s takes on the most urgent questions in AI, including the recent tumult at OpenAI, the road to AGI, the role of regulation, and where he thinks generative AI will go next.

What struck me most is Naveen’s remarkable ability to not only anticipate the future but also actively pave the path toward it. For founders looking to navigate our current AI moment, this episode is full of valuable lessons.

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Published on 12.22.2023
Written By Ashu Garg

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