Charles Moldow

Charles Moldow

Charles Moldow, General Partner

What he does: Builds companies that change markets.

The best piece of advice he ever got: “Make your avocation your vocation.”

What he invests in: Charles is always on the lookout for startups working on the next generation of fintech, martech and consumer tech solutions and services.

His current portfolio includes AdRoll, auxmoney, BTCJam, DogVacay, Finxera (formerly Bancbox), LendingClub [IPO 12/11/14], Lending Home, Motif Investing, On Deck Capital [IPO 12/17/14], and Refresh.

Charles has made fourteen successful investments since he joined Foundation Capital in 2005. They include PowerSet (acquired by Microsoft), Xoopit (Yahoo!), Adwhirl (Google), and CloudOn (Dropbox).

He recently wrote a white paper on marketplace lending that has been widely circulated and discussed at various conferences: A Trillion Dollar Market, By the People, For the People.

Charles understands the startup journey. He has been on the founding team of two high-profile startups, Tellme Networks and @Home Network. Both grew into companies with sales of more than $100 million, and had successful exits: Microsoft acquired Tellme in 2007 for $760 million. @Home Network went public in 1997. A year later, Charles assisted in @Home’s $7 billion acquisition of Excite Network.

Charles has always gravitated towards startups and innovation. Three years into his job at Merrill Lynch in the Mergers and Acquisitions practice, he co-founded OnTime Guide. It was 1989 and it replaced the OAG Pocket Flight Guide as the must-have resource for frequent business travelers. He also launched PrimeTime Partners, which attempted to establish a new category of self-liquidating promotions on behalf of advertisers and direct marketers.

Training: BS degree from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania, MBA from Harvard University.
“The riskiest thing I ever did was write 4 of my 8 business school essays about a football team.”

Profile: He lives in the Bay Area with his wife and four children. He loves coaching sports and planning vacations.

Videos: Charles Moldow discusses his Marketplace Lending paper at our FC Conversations, FinTech event on July 15, 2014. To view, follow this link.

Charles presented at LendIt 2014, last year, and discussed his expertise in the FinTech sector. To view this presentation, follow this link.

Charles's assistant, Melanie Anderson: