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Fintech x AI PortCo Summit


June 28th, 2023



Fintech x AI PortCo Summit

“We’re here – in some ways – because your day job just got a lot more complicated”

On June 28th, 2023, we hosted our Fintech x AI PortCo Summit to help executives across the Foundation Capital Portfolio answer the question “What should I be doing about AI?”

Founders and leaders from over 35 Fintech companies convened to share their learnings and gather perspectives on this essential question.

The summit, while comprehensive, echoed a central theme: the intricate journey of integrating AI into financial operations, especially for companies at different mile-markers along the AI adoption path. A consensus emerged on the significance of a balanced AI approach, one that blends existing models with tailored solutions to protect data and cater to unique needs. 

As discussions unfolded, attendees were treated to a wide variety of case studies, best practices, and critical architectural considerations to keep in mind for seamless AI integration. 

The summit’s finale comprised breakout sessions, offering attendees an opportunity to ask questions and probe deeper into both the strategic and technical facets of AI.

To read more on the insights presented during the Summit, check out our post Fintech x AI: Practical Lessons for Founders.

Special thanks to all of the presenters, and an additional shout-out to Foundation’s own Charles Moldow and Nico Stainfeld for orchestrating and hosting a fantastic event.

Alexandra Mousavizadeh, the CEO of Evident, presented learnings from the company’s first-ever AI Index.

Luis Pino, CEO of the insurtech startup Agentero, shared insights on how startups can begin exploring AI, using Agentero’s experience as a case study.

Omri Yacubovich, CEO and co-founder of Lama AI, shed light on how his team is using LLMs to disrupt lending.

Trey Holterman, CEO and co-founder of Tennr, introduced a practical framework to help fintechs identify the best uses of generative AI tools.

Andy Mahdavi, CTO of Doma, reflected on the knowledge he’s gained from over six years of leading the startup’s data science and ML efforts.

David Kang, Co-founder and COO of Keeper, focused on UI and design considerations for AI products.

Andrew Pascoe, VP, Data Science Engineering at NextRoll, detailed use cases of AI for GTM.


Time Talk Speakers


Welcome + Fintech x AI Overview

Charles Moldow – General Partner, Foundation Capital


The Al Index: Al Adoption in Financial Services

Alexandra Mousavizadeh-CEO, Evident


How can companies start their Al exploration journey?

Luis Pino-CEO, Agentero


Al disrupting lending

Omri Yacubovich-CEO, Lama Al


Hiring a “Lead Al Hacker” to drive Al thinking

Jonathan Matus-CEO, Fairmatic


Lessons in scaling an Al-first team from 5 to 100

Tomas Vykruta-CTO, EvolutionIQ


Low-hanging fruit or big impact projects? Where Fintechs are first utilizing Al

Trey Holterman-CEO, Tennr


Lessons from an early Al x Fintech pioneer

Andy Mahdavi- CTO, Doma


Rebuilding the LLM UI layer to fit your product needs

David Kang-COO, Keeper


Al for go-to-market

Andrew Pascoe-VP Data Science, NextRoll


Privacy and regulatory considerations for Fintechs utilizing Al

Amruta Moktali-Chief Product Officer, Skyflow




Al Technical Architecture Overview: What building blocks will CTOs need to deploy?

Ashu Garg – General Partner, Foundation Capital


Breakout Panels


CTO Panel – Al Strategy and architecture for technical leaders

CEO Panel – Creating enduring enterprise value using Al


Closing Remarks

Charles Moldow-General Partner, Foundation Capital