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Generative AI Unconference


May 10th, 2023


San Francisco

Generative AI Unconference

Ideas / FC BUILD / Generative AI Unconference

May 10th, 2023

On May 10th, 2023, we hosted our inaugural, invite-only Generative AI “Unconference” in San Francisco. The event convened over eighty of the top (human!) minds in AI, including founders, researchers, and industry experts, for an energizing afternoon of small, group discussions about building successful AI companies.

While we can’t divulge every detail (all sessions were intentionally off the record), read on here for our top takeaways from the day. And scroll down for the full schedule, along with our favorite photos!

Photos from the event


1:45 pm Sessions

Talk Speakers

Streamlining sales & prospecting with generative AI

In ‘KILAUEA’ | 1:45pm
Srinath Sridhar – Cofounder & CEO,
Ernest Owusu – Senior Director of Sales Development, 6sense

Middleware for LLMs

In ‘OLYMPUS MONS’ | 1:45pm
Shreya Rajpal – Founding Engineer, Predibase
Jerry Liu – Cofounder, LlamaIndex

Reinventing customer loyalty with generative AI

In ‘MAKALU’ | 1:45pm
Deon Nicholas – CEO, Forethought

Social chatbots 2.0

In ‘EVEREST’ | 1:45pm
Ryan Benmalek – Founder & CEO, Daimon Labs
Joon Sung Park – Stanford Ph.D. candidate & lead author of “Generative Agents: Interactive Simulacra of Human Behavior”

2:30 pm Sessions

Talk Speakers

Computer vision in the real world

In ‘KILAUEA’ | 2:30pm
Loic Juillard – CTO, SafelyYou
Amit Kumar – Founder & CEO, Dragonfruit AI

How will LLMs transform search?

In ‘OLYMPUS MONS’ | 2:30pm
Aravind Srinivas – Cofounder & CEO, Perplexity AI
Debarghya (Deedy) Das – Founding Engineer, Glean

Understanding data security & risks with LLMs

In ‘MAKALU’ | 2:30pm
Anand Kashyap – Cofounder & CEO, Fortanix

Where will generative AI value accrue? Startups vs. incumbents

In ‘EVEREST’ | 2:30pm
Ava Malla – Director, Global Partnerships at Google, Workspace

4:00 pm Sessions

Talk Speakers

The future of content & creative expression

In ‘KILAUEA’ | 4:00pm
Farhad Massoudi – Founder & CEO, Tubi TV

Building private, local models: or how not to rely on OpenAI

In ‘OLYMPUS MONS’ | 4:00pm
Sharon Zhou – Cofounder & CEO, Lamini
Aparna Dhinakaran – Founder & CPO, Arize

Intellectual property & beyond: generative AI & the law

In ‘MAKALU’ | 4:00pm
Jake Heller – CEO, Casetext
David Wang – CIO, Wilson Sonsini

The future of vector databases

In ‘EVEREST’ | 4:00pm
Ram Sriharsha – VP of Engineering, R&D at Pinecone

4:45 pm Sessions

Talk Speakers

LLMs & learning: new frontiers in education

In ‘KILAUEA’ | 4:45pm
Rajen Sheth – Cofounder & CEO, Kyron Learning

Choosing the right generative AI infrastructure: API, open source, or build your own?

In ‘OLYMPUS MONS’ | 4:45pm
Rohan Taori – Stanford Ph.D. candidate & creator of Alpaca

The doctor is in! LLMs & healthcare

In ‘MAKALU’ | 4:45pm
Munjal Shah – Cofounder & CEO, stealth startup
Anshu Sharma – Cofounder & CEO, Skyflow

Designing features vs. building products

In ‘EVEREST’ | 4:45pm
Hari Srinivasan – VP of Product, Linkedin
Alex Graveley – Principal Engineer & Chief Architect, GitHub Copilot


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