Celebrating Rover’s Acquisition by Blackstone

Today we celebrate Rover’s acquisition by Blackstone for a remarkable $2.3 billion. It is not just a victory for employees and shareholders but a testament to the vision and resilience of an outstanding management team combined with the power of a high-functioning marketplace.

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11.29.2023 | By: Charles Moldow

Blackstone acquires Rover

In 2013, when we invested in DogVacay, we saw the potential to create a new category of consumer company, much like the paths trailblazed by Etsy and Airbnb. Our belief in the ‘superpower’ of founders, prioritizing their vision and ambition, was the cornerstone of this investment. As a board member of DogVacay and later as DogVacay’s representative on Rover’s board, I witnessed this first-hand.

DogVacay’s merger with Rover in 2017 was a decision that not only combined two powerful players in the pet care domain but also set the stage for unprecedented growth and market leadership. 

True marketplace success stories like eBay are rare, yet when they work the network effects are immense. DogVacay/Rover have now joined this elusive club.

As we celebrate this new chapter, I want to congratulate the management team whose visionary approach and many years of work have brought us here. 

Thanks to my partners and every member of the DogVacay and Rover families for your commitment and belief in the journey!

Published on 11.29.2023
Written by Charles Moldow

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