Regie Raises $10M Series A

I’m happy to share the news that, which we invested in over two years ago, has raised a $10-million Series A, led by Scale Venture Partners, and I will be joining its board of directors. The blank page is a world-historic pain point — something that has daunted people since before the advent of corporations. It’s no wonder that generative AI is having a moment. But before the term was even coined, Srinath Sridhar, Regie’s founder and CEO, recognized the potential that OpenAI’s release of GPT-3, in the summer of 2020, represented — especially the possibilities it unlocked for the modern enterprise. 

I was introduced to Sri, a serial entrepreneur and early Facebook engineer, by my friend Ashutosh Garg, cofounder and CEO of Eightfold. In those early pandemic days, Sri and I talked about how large language models (LLM) would reinvent how we think about content creation. Fortunately, thanks to investments in multiple NLP-centric companies, including Eightfold and Turing, Foundation had a prepared mind for the space. Sri and I had long conversations by Zoom and took walks to ideate on ways NLP models would transform the enterprise — especially opportunities to automate laborious portions of the sales workflow, like generating cold outbound and follow-ups.  

So we made a bet on the broad LLM technology trend and on Sri, an exceptional technologist and technical team leader. When he was joined by Matt Millen, who brings both domain expertise and execution acumen for sales and go-to-market, they refined the idea until it became what Regie is today. I knew there was something special about this team, for this problem, at this moment in history. And my Foundation partners and I were all in before there was even a slidedeck (Regie will eventually automate those anyway, right?) recognizes that the needs of go-to-market teams go well beyond writer’s block. Sales and Marketing need tools to create and plan and organize and deliver and analyze content; to collaborate with one another in a dynamic workflow, while bringing their company’s unique identity and set of priorities. Think of the Regie platform as a collaborative content management system where one of the collaborators happens to be a highly sophisticated AI assistant deeply versed in the positioning of the particular enterprise. does more than expedite copywriting: it empowers content strategy.

Just two years from inception, I could not be prouder of everything Sri and his team have accomplished. With over 70 customers on annual contracts, including global enterprises like AT&T, Sophos, and Okta, it’s clear that Regie is resonating with the enterprise.

While we are at a tipping point for what’s possible with AI and are already starting to see the impact. How we create and manage content and communications at enterprise scale is being transformed. Regie is leading this shift and we couldn’t be more excited to back their efforts. Congratulations to Sri, Matt, and the whole team!