We’ve been backing crypto companies since 2014, irrespective of manic booms or panicked downturns. We were the first venture investor in Solana. We were seed investors in OpenSea and Brave. We were early backers of Blockstack and Algorand.

For the best part of a decade, no matter the cycle, we’ve held fast to our conviction in the transformative potential of the technology.

What we’re laser-eyed for, is finding exceptional entrepreneurs looking to unseat legacy networks, compromised technologies, and broken institutions. Founders who can use the power of the blockchain to build companies that redefine the world.

So, if you’re working on DeFi, DAOs, NFTs, web3, cross-border payments, vertical apps in gaming, e-commerce, marketplaces, or lending — and you want to power up your abilities, then connect with one of our crypto partners.


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