Congratulations, CliQr!

Today, we are thrilled to celebrate the acquisition of Cliqr by Cisco. Foundation Capital was an original seed investor in Cliqr and from the start we believed in the distinct vision of the company’s two founders, Gaurav Manglik and Tenry Fu. It was their vision that saw beyond industry leader Amazon Web Services as the dominant public cloud company — to a future where there would be hundreds of clouds that companies would need to interoperate between, both via public and private platforms. Foundation Capital stuck with that belief alongside Cliqr’s founders and today that vision is a reality. More companies want the nimbleness and flexibility to run applications and interchange across hundreds of clouds in order to build their businesses.

Beyond it’s founders who left VMWare in 2010 to start the company — Cliqr is driven by a world class team who together have grown the company rapidly each quarter. It was this fast growth and product leadership that caught the attention of several established companies who saw a pre-emptive opportunity to merge Cliqr into their businesses. Cisco is a terrific fit, as their leadership and platforms have a deep understanding of the cloud and they maintain a full stack of networking hardware and networking storage products on which Cliqr’s products can operate on top of.

Cliqr now joining with Cisco will be a great marriage for our customers to go to market and help them generate significant revenue thanks to this joint product. Please join us in celebrating Cliqr’s success and the next step in their journey. Learn more via the press release here.