Blog / 02.22.19

Cybersecurity: The Next Trillion-Dollar Market?

Hackers stole information on as many as 500 million guests at Marriott. Two-thirds of those victims—330 million people, in other words, the size of the total US population—likely had their addresses, phone numbers, and passport details stolen.

Blog / 01.16.19

States Title Acquires Majority of North American Title Group

I want to extend our congratulations to our friends at Lennar, and to Max and his newly enlarged States Title team!

Blog / 01.14.19

Distributed Remote Talent Will Revolutionize How We Build Companies

There will soon be more software engineers outside the US than in it. Deploying their talent effectively will change the startup landscape.

Blog / 11.13.18

Simple Habit Series A,
Led by Foundation Capital

My partners and I believe in the importance of Simple Habit’s mission to help people achieve mental wellbeing and live better, every day.

Blog / 10.24.18

Teamable Acquires Simppler, Joins Foundation Capital Family

The vision of both companies is fundamentally the same: that a crowd-sourced, social networking-driven recruiting solution is a better, more precise way to find talent.

Blog / 08.27.18

Creating a New Industry Category: Lessons from Nick Mehta, CEO of Gainsight

In my most recent conversation with Nick Mehta, CEO of Gainsight, we spoke at length about how he was able to develop an entirely new industry category: customer success.

Blog / 08.13.18

A People-First Technologist: My podcast conversation with Dheeraj Pandey, CEO and founder of Nutanix

"Business is about people more than technology. Technology is a means to an end, but how do you get people to come together and work together?" 

Blog / 08.08.18

Morgan Lai, Sid Trivedi join the Foundation Capital investment team

I’m thrilled to announce that we’ve recently added two young investors to the team, Morgan Lai and Sid Trivedi. Both Morgan and Sid will be working alongside myself and the rest of th

Blog / 06.22.18

Excellence in Infinite Variety

As a firm co-founded by a woman and whose partnership is comprised of men and women, immigrants from four continents, and Americans from each part of the country—our notion of what an entrepreneur or an investor might look like is expansive.

Blognews / 03.06.18

Five Step Process to Structuring Exec. Bonus Plans for High Growth Start-ups

In my recent post, I talked about the right way to put together an annual plan. Now that you’ve planned what to do, it’s time to do what you planned. And in this post, I’ll discuss one powerful lever for driving execution: bonuses.

Blog / 01.10.18

New year, new chapter:

Kelly Graziadei joins Foundation Capital as Entrepreneur-in-Residence

I’ve learned throughout the years that it’s all about the people. When Meg Sloan and Paul Holland invited me to become an Entrepreneur-in-Residence at Foundation, I knew this was the right next step and the right group of people

Blog / 12.12.17

Zuckerberg’s Rules: Four Lessons for B2B Marketers and Entrepreneurs

Mike Hoefflinger, author of Becoming Facebook, shares lessons for enterprise marketers from the social network's rapid-growth days.

Blog / 11.29.17

Reinventing Enterprise Software

In the past decade, costs, capabilities, and talent have finally arrived at a point where it is finally practical to deploy this tool across the tech economy.

Blog / 11.01.17

Foundation Capital Leads CoverWallet Series B Financing. Welcome and Congrats!

Moreover, as our track record shows, I think we’ve gotten pretty good at identifying which startups have the “secret sauce” to become a great fintech company. Which is why we’re excited to have led the Series B for CoverWallet, an online insurance broker for small businesses which is upending the industry.

Blog / 10.05.17

QuanticMind Raises Series B – Congrats and Welcome!

QuanticMind works with sophisticated digital marketers to help them build a unified view of their customer data, and then applies AI to optimize key elements of the customer journey including search, shopping channels, and social.

a/vBlog / 09.14.17

Ashu Garg at Circulate 2017

Why a 10X Increase in MarTech Spend is Ushering in the Decade of the CMO - Ashu Garg

Blog / 07.25.17

Foundation Capital’s Third Annual Female Founders Dinner

It’s in the company of women such as these that I feel the most optimistic. Institutional sexism can’t and won’t be fought with just words.

Blog / 07.11.17

Of Marigolds and Mobile Security: Symantec Is Acquiring Skycure!

Foundation is proud of what Skycure has accomplished, gratified that we were able to help, & excited for what comes next. Congratulations & upwards!

Blog / 06.14.17

Enter Fortanix, the First Runtime Security Solution

For the past year, Ambuj and Anand have incubated Fortanix at Foundation Capital, building a solution to a critical security problem: encryption during runtime.

Blog / 05.09.17

Tubi Raises $20M Series C to Accelerate Expansion and Customer Access

Congratulations to Tubi on completing their Series C! Joining us in this round are Jump Capital, Danhua Capital, and Cota Capital LLC.

Blog / 04.27.17

Introducing The Way to Design

It's been a long road getting from there to here, but without further ado, allow me to humbly present … The Way to Design.

Blog / 04.04.17

Cohesity Raises Over $90 Million in Series C Funding to Meet Surging Customer Demand

Super excited about Cohesity and congrats to the team on raising their Series C! We are thrilled to be part of it.

Blog / 03.29.17

DogVacay Joining Forces with Rover

I'm very pleased to share the news that DogVacay will be joining forces with Rover.

Blog / 03.20.17

On joining Foundation Capital and building something new

I’m thrilled and honored to be joining Foundation Capital as an Entrepreneur in Residence, working closely with Steve Vassallo.

Blog / 03.13.17

Introducing the Bolt Threads Spider Silk Tie

A team of scientists and engineers at Bolt Threads has produced a necktie made of 100% human-made spider silk.

Blog / 03.09.17

LendingHome Sets Its Sights on Consumers

Now, LendingHome is turning its attention to the Mount Everest of mortgage lending: consumers. And I couldn’t be more excited.

Blog / 02.27.17

Designer Dialogues: Nate Weiner, Founder and CEO @ Pocket

Let’s start with the big news: Pocket is being acquired by Mozilla, and will continue on as a wholly-owned, independent subsidiary.

Blog / 02.09.17

Beyond MTV: A conversation with Nina Webb, VP of marketing at Atlantic Records

At Foundation Capital, we rely on our network of industry leaders to help us assess where the greatest needs for innovation are.

Blog / 01.31.17

A Statement on the Immigration Ban

The recent executive order suspending admittance of all refugees and banning immigration from select countries is odious and ill-considered.

Blog / 01.25.17

CES: Is It Worth It?

I unlocked an achievement earlier this month: 10 years of attending CES. They even gave me a badge to mark the milestone.

Blog / 01.12.17

Adaptive Learning and the Future of Education: A conversation with DreamBox Learning President and CEO Jessie Woolley-Wilson

What follows is a conversation between myself and DreamBox’s President and CEO Jessie Woolley-Wilson.

Blog / 12.15.16

Product Minds Holiday Gift Guide

We asked the Product Minds community – our motley collective of product makers, creatives, and entrepreneurs – for suggestions on what to presents to give this holiday season. Here are some of the coolest gift ideas for 2016.

Blog / 11.10.16

Congratulations to TubeMogul and Adobe!

TubeMogul's acquisition by Adobe is an exciting moment for both companies, and a proud one for all of us at Foundation Capital.

Blog / 11.02.16

Still learning every day: A conversation with LinkedIn’s Shannon Stubo

At our third annual CMO Tech Tour, we discussed today’s best-in-class marketing practices and attempted to uncover tomorrow’s brightest MarTech innovations.

Blog / 10.31.16

AI is shaping our future—and GraphCore is shaping AI

Today, we encounter this technology whenever we watch Netflix or talk to Siri. Even the ads we see on Google are powered by AI.

Blog / 10.13.16

Game Changers: A Conversation with Neil Hunt, Netflix Chief Product Officer

Twenty-five years ago I met Neil Hunt, now Chief Product Officer at Netflix, when I joined him and Reed Hastings at Pure Software

Blog / 10.12.16

With IPO, Azure Power’s Star is Rising

Congratulations to Inderpreet and the entire team. We’re excited about what Azure is doing and will do.

Blog / 09.26.16

The future of TV: a conversation with the BBC’s Ann Sarnoff

At our third annual CMO Tech Tour, we discussed today’s best-in-class marketing practices and attempted to uncover the brightest MarTech innovations.

Blog / 09.13.16

Whatever happened to 3D printing?

Just a few years ago, it seemed as though everyone from TechCrunch to Wall Street was predicting that manufacturing as we knew it was over.

Blog / 08.22.16

Back in school, back in debt

Indeed, 71 percent of students fund their college education by taking out student loans—debt that now totals $1.3 trillion.

Blog / 08.01.16

Leadership in Silicon Valley

Rebecca Ward is the CEO of Moxie, the leading provider of digital customer engagement technology.

Blog / 07.19.16

Skycure protects enterprises from mobile security threats

Security attacks today, unlike in the past, tend to focus on businesses rather than consumers

Blog / 06.29.16

ForUsAll makes retirement savings possible for all of us

There are 70 million Americans who do not have a pension, who do not have a 401(k), and the vast, vast majority of whom do not have an IRA.

Blog / 06.20.16

Meet Melissa Miranda, FC’s new Entrepreneur-in-Residence

I’m thrilled to be here working with Steve Vassallo on a design research project.

Blog / 05.26.16

The world doesn’t care about Bitcoin

I sat down with Catheryne Nicholson, CEO and cofounder of BlockCypher, for FC's first-ever podcast.

Blog / 01.11.16

3 Ways Marketing Is Becoming a Technical Discipline

Technology is changing the world around us—from the way we communicate to the way we collect data, even the way we shop.

Blog / 12.14.15

Introducing FC8

We’re pleased to officially open the investment period of Foundation Capital Fund 8 (FC8), a $325 million early stage fund.

Blog / 11.05.15

Rats in a Maze – the magic of real estate rental marketplaces

Rats in a maze –– that’s probably how we would appear to aliens watching from above.

Blog / 08.05.15

Sunrun’s Century in the Sun

Over 20-year history, two-thirds of the investments we have led are the first institutional investments our portfolio companies have received.

Blog / 11.19.14

Congratulations, Kik!

Today Kik announced it's $38m series C fund raise. Kik has been growing from strength to strength ever since Foundation Capital led their series B.

Blog / 06.10.14

Visier Continues to Impress Us

When we first invested in Visier back in 2011, it was a small, promising 1-year-old startup with an ambitious vision.

Blog / 02.04.14

Welcome Localytics!

In 2011, I stopped drinking the HTML 5 Kool-Aid and came to accept that apps were with us to stay.