a/v / 11.28.18

Paul Holland discusses Microsoft overtaking Apple as on CNBC

Wireless Fund portfolio manager Paul Meeks and Foundation Capital general partner Paul Holland discuss Microsoft overtaking Apple as America's most valuable company.

a/vnews / 08.11.18

How to B2B a CEO with Nick Mehta

In the recent episode of How to B2B a CEO, Ashu chats = with Nick Mehta, CEO of Gainsight. They spoke at length about how he was able to develop an entirely new industry category: customer success. He did this through: the power of information advantage

a/vnews / 07.30.18

Podcast: How to B2B a CEO

Dheeraj spoke with Ashu about his journey from India to Silicon Valley and from engineer to CEO.

a/vnews / 06.04.18

Stanford’s Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders Series – Featuring Steve Vassallo

Steve stopped by his alma mater to share his journey as an entrepreneur as part of Stanford’s Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders speaker series

a/vnews / 05.14.18

The Designer Founder’s Manifesto

To listen to the complete audiobook edition of The Way to Design by Steve Vassallo visit TheWaytoDesign.com. Joe Gebbia, cofounder and chief product officer of AirBnB, calls The Way to Design, "the first practical and inspirational guide for designers who want to create positive change in the world."

a/v / 05.08.18

The Way to Design: Year One

One year, several countries, dozens of cities, and countless readers/listeners/viewers later: THANK YOU to everyone who's walked The Way to Design with Steve Vassallo!!! It's been an inspiring year.

a/vnews / 05.03.18

Paul Holland on CNBC. Is Musk’s Eccentricity Wearing Thin?

CNBC's Phil LeBeau and Paul Holland Foundation Capital discuss the repercussions of Elon Musk's "bonehead" and "volatility" comments on the Tesla earnings call which may have sparked concern for investors of Tesla stock.

a/v / 05.03.18

SXSW 2018 – The Way to Design: Little Startup, Big Impact

At this year's South by Southwest Conference & Festival, Steve Vassallo, Foundation Capital general partner and author of "The Way to Design," spoke about how designers and entrepreneurs can effect meaningful change. In conversation with Moxxly co-founders Cara Delzer and Gabrielle Guthrie, they discussed why designer founders like themselves are best equipped to tackle today's hardest and most important problems.

a/vnews / 05.01.18

Democratizing AI for all

Artificial Intelligence has enormous potential for improving the world, but its promise will only be realized if the community that creates it grows and diversifies. Joanne leads a conversation on this topic with Dr. Fei-Fei Li, Director of Stanford's Artificial Intelligence Lab

a/vnews / 04.03.18

Empathy is Killing Your Product

get your questions answered: will the 21st century be the decade of design? why empathy has become a buzzword and what empathy really is? And more!

a/vnews / 03.22.18

Paul Talks Facebook’s Data Scandal on CNBC

Paul Holland, Foundation Capital general partner, discusses the business impact of the data scandal for Facebook and the rest of the tech sector.

a/v / 02.26.18

20VC: Why The Current Crop of VC Does Not Understand Design

20VC: Why the current crop of VC does not understand design, why product marketing fit is a liquid not a solid & how graduates can optimize their career for personal development with Steve Vassallo, General Partner @ Foundation Capital.

a/v / 10.18.17

Paul on CNBC, Dow breaks 23,000

Watch Paul Holland touch on Netflix, the cord cutters vs. the cord never generation and his insight on the Dow making history and breaking 23,000!

a/vBlog / 09.14.17

Ashu Garg at Circulate 2017

Why a 10X Increase in MarTech Spend is Ushering in the Decade of the CMO - Ashu Garg

a/v / 08.11.17

Paul on CNBC

Paul Holland was one cool (bearded) cat on CNBC! On Squawk Alley to discuss Snap's lows, Uber's woes, & Disney-from-Netflix goes.

a/v / 07.10.17

Ashu Talks Scaling on SaaStr

If you’re a SaaS founder in need of advice on how to scale your company, look no further – Ashu explains it all.

a/v / 06.30.17

Charles on TechCrunch’s Equity Podcast Series

Charles discusses the latest sexual harassment allegations against Binary Capital and Blue Apron’s disappointing IPO.

a/v / 06.28.17

The Next Chapter of Design Thinking

Steve talks to gamification guru Amy Jo Kim about design, gaming, systems theory, and entrepreneurship.

a/v / 06.22.17


Steve was on CNBC to discuss his Wall Street Journal op-ed and Uber CEO Travis Kalanick's resignation.

a/v / 04.27.17

Design Is

The Way To Design is the first guidebook to this new world and this new understanding of design.

a/v / 12.06.16

3 ways the business and pleasure of TV has completely changed

Ann Sarnoff, President of BBC Worldwide North America breaks down the radical consumer shifts TV viewing and marketing.

a/v / 12.05.16

2016 Year in Review

A whirlwind tour of our whirlwind 2016. Many thanks to everyone in the FC community for a "good busy" year.

a/v / 11.22.16

Technology is at the heart of today’s marketing

Putting the 'tech' in MarTech.

a/v / 11.15.16

The 6th Key: Video

The revolution will not be televised. It will be streamed, snapped, tweeted, and projected in virtual reality.

a/v / 11.01.16

What terrified Charles Moldow

Charles Moldow, speaking at the Okanagan Tech Community's Entrepreneurship All-Star Coffee, about his greatest fear.

a/v / 10.20.16

FC CEO Collective 2016

Video Yearbook: Foundation Capital CEO Collective 2016. October 6, 2016. Portola Valley, CA.

a/v / 10.11.16

Getting down to the brain level

Doug Fraser, Director of Marketing Science at Instagram, on why cookies and clickthroughs no longer cut it.

a/v / 06.23.15

Celebrating Summer With Foundation Capital

Check out our annual summer party — and thanks to everyone who made this season’s kickoff our best yet!

a/v / 06.16.15

Foundation Capital Startup Stories: Netflix

Netflix’s CEO, Reed Hastings, discusses his “White Knuckle Moment” in this Foundation Capital Startup Story.

a/v / 06.09.14

P2P Lending Presentation

How marketplace lending will remake banking as we know it.