Announcing Foundation Capital’s 8th Annual Summer Party

Eight is a lucky number in Chinese culture, especially in finance. To an untrained ear, the number in Mandarin—pronounced “ba”—sounds very similar to the Mandarin word for “prosper” or “wealth.”

At Foundation Capital, we’re celebrating another prosperous year—and raising our 8th Fund—with 800 of our friends at our 8th Annual Summer Party on Thursday, June 2.

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The first time I threw this party, I bought a margarita machine, rented out a food truck for a couple of hours, and invited over a few contacts to our backyard. It was, shall we say, our minimum viable product.

Now, eight years later, the party—like our firm—has grown. It’s still in our backyard, but not much else has stayed the same. Don’t worry, I won’t spoil any surprises. If you want to see what we’ve got in store, you’ll have to join us on June 2.

There’s nothing we love more than spending time with our friends and theirs. Last year, one of my highlights of the night was watching the NBA Playoffs together and rooting for Silicon Valley’s favorite team. And this year, June 2 is the first game of the NBA finals. So who knows? Maybe, knock on wood, we’ll get to gape and gasp at more three pointers from Steph Curry—born in the auspicious year of ‘88.

Reserve your space to join us for the annual kick off to summer in Silicon Valley.

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