Chief of Staff to Ashu Garg, General Partner

Foundation Capital was founded in 1995. As an early-stage venture capital firm, we’ve lived through the emergence of the World Wide Web, the enterprise war of the 90s, the dot-com bubble, Web 2.0, the mobile revolution, the Great Recession, the rise of Big Data, software’s ascension to the cloud, and the birth of blockchain. The wisdom of those experiences remains with us, transmitted to each successive generation of partners. Two-thirds of VC firms never make it past their first fund; only 10 percent survive beyond their fourth. We are 25+ years and ten funds strong. Our consumer, enterprise, and fintech investments have reinvented industries and defined new markets. For a quarter of a century—through boom and bust, prosperity or calamity—Foundation Capital has endured, evolved, and thrived, with over $3B in committed capital, 28 IPOs, and 80+ acquisitions to our name. Building companies is in our bones!

We are recruiting for a Chief of Staff (the role includes the traditional EA functions) to work with Ashu Garg, one of the General Partners at the firm. This is a new role to be the trusted right-hand person for Ashu. This person will act as a “force multiplier” for Ashu by creating and managing processes that take work off his hands and give him time back in his day. Success for this person is enabling Ashu to accomplish 10% more while working 10% less and being 10% less stressed!

This role will engage across all aspects of Ashu’s life, helping him manage both his professional and personal life. It requires judgment, extreme ownership, and exceptional execution.

Attractive compensation package for the ideal candidate, including medical, dental, vision, 401(k), and a profit-sharing plan.


Job Description:

  • Manage Ashu’s time “end to end” thinking holistically about everything he needs to accomplish in his professional and personal life
    • Manage calendar, including weekend calendar
    • Juggle personal, professional, social, and family commitments
    • Schedule board meetings, arrange travel including personal travel
  • Project manage all the things that need doing; making sure that things get done
    • Manage and process Ashu’s email, including screening emails, categorizing incoming emails, preparing responses where possible on Ashu’s behalf
    • Track next steps/follow up from every meeting (during the day) without attending the meetings
    • Track tasks that Ashu is responsible for and/or has assigned to others
    • Create systems and processes for Ashu and the team that work with him
  • Manage Ashu’s business and personal networks and help him strengthen his relationships
    • Organize small group events, mostly at home – annual holiday party, Diwali party, summer party, CEO/entrepreneur dinners/Sunday brunches
    • Own execution end-to-end – managing invites, handling event logistics (including on-site where required), managing post-event follow-up
  • Help manage non-Foundation Capital related commitments
    • Manage a variety of personal and professional projects, e.g., help with non-profit activities, vacation planning, kids-related activities
    • Help juggle individual, family and professional commitments including helping Ashu incorporate heathy lifestyle/behaviors into his hectic lifestyle

Attributes of the Ideal Candidate

  • Ability to be “Ashu” – put yourself in his shoes and figure out what he would do/want in each situation
  • Take ownership and accountability to make sure things get done vs. reminding Ashu that things need to get done
  • Hyper organized, extremely detail oriented, capable of juggling lots of balls without dropping them
  • Proactive – constantly reaching out to Ashu to help him stay on top of changes in priorities (e.g., new deals, personal issues, etc.)
  • Quick learner, willing to try new things, ask questions, and adept at technology
  • Comfortable with ambiguity and able to drive to clarity in such situations
  • Ask questions where needed, but also learn to make decisions and get things done independently


To apply, please send your resume to