Product Minds

November 6, 2019

If you missed our recent Frontier Tech edition of Product Minds, you missed something special. Steve caught up with the CEO and founder of Cerebras Systems, Andrew Feldman. Andrew shared details about building the Wafer Scale Engine, the largest semiconductor chip ever made. And he opened up about the challenges and rewards of trying to solve truly hard problems. As a special treat, we were also joined on the stage by Aza Raskin and Britt Selvitelle of the Earth Species Project. ESP is a non-profit dedicated to using AI to decode animal languages to promote conservation. The rest of the guest list was rounded out by dozens of other equally amazing frontier-tech product minds, who filled the night with warm conversation about mad ideas. It was an evening of the extraordinary.



Photos from the event


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Very stimulating evening, really enjoyed, thanks for hosting this event.
-Dave (from OnScale)

—David Freed

Thanks for a fun and inspiring event. Can’t wait to see where these technologies can take us – and how we can transform the world for the better.


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