Operating Partner

Skip Glass

Skip invests in software, networking, and security. He has advised boards at Cloudshield (acquired by SAIC), Tealeaf (acquired by IBM), and MSDS online (acquired by ICG). He currently sits on the boards of Cantaloupe Systems, Guardian Analytics, SpringCM, Venafi,and Zetta, and previously served the boards of Voyence (acquired by EMC), and VUE Technology (acquired by Tyco).

Treat people the way you want to be treated.

As an entrepreneur, Skip has served the roles of CEO & President of URoam (acquired by F5), COO of Kiva (acquired by Netscape), and VP of Field Operations at Illustra (acquired by Informix). Now an early stage investor, Skip has invested in several technology startups including Sygate (acquired by Symantec), SleepyCat Software (Acquired by Oracle), eHealth Insurance (IPO) and Riverbed Technology (IPO).

What he does

Helps entrepreneurs build great companies, and helps his partners assess potential new investments.


Skip has a BS from Sacramento State University and an MBA from University of Arizona.


Skip loves cycling, hiking, and vacationing with his family.


Want to chat? Contact Skip's assistant, Jan Slimmer: jslimmer@foundationcapital.com

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