Rodolfo Gonzalez

Rodolfo is fascinated by financial disintermediation, peer-to-peer funding, and bringing transparency and simplicity to the consumer experience. As a kid, he wanted to be a professional soccer player or movie actor; but he grew into an adult with a passion for promoting economic growth and inclusion through innovation in financial services.

Work hard, and when things are going well, do everything you can to bend the universe your way!

He was 17 when he co-founded his first startup, Mexplosion, to host the Mexican qualifiers for the World Cyber Games e-gaming competition in 2001. His second and more recent entrepreneurial venture was a crowdfunding platform for social enterprises called YouVest.

What he does

Loves to support innovation in financial services and consumer technology.


MBA from MIT Sloan’s School of Management with concentrations in finance and entrepreneurship. Degrees in Marketing from ITESM and International Relations from UNAM Mexico.


Rodolfo geeks out on movies, philosophy, history, travel and coffee. He is an avid traveler, and has lived in Mexico City, North Carolina, Orlando, Melbourne (Australia), Boston, Nairobi, and Bangkok. He is now based in San Francisco, where he is on a quest to find the best espresso in the city.


Want to chat? Contact Rodolfo's assistant, Melanie Anderson: [email protected]

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