Entrepreneur in Residence

Melissa Miranda

Melissa started Tiny Post to tell short, punchy stories that bypassed the brain and went straight to the heart. It went viral and was bought by TripAdvisor in 2013. At TripAdvisor, Melissa led tablet, TV, and mobile product, but made the most impact through injecting the company with design thinking — a user-centered approach to solving problems in an original, collaborative way.

What she does: Melissa is working with Steve Vassallo on a project on design thinking and designer founders. She is also looking for opportunities in government tech and data modeling to start another company.

Training: Melissa is a designer founder with experience running startups and leading product teams at big companies. She also has deep consumer experience from working at Gap, Guess, and Wells Fargo. She learned design thinking at IDEO and the d.school, and has an MBA from Stanford.

Profile: Melissa lives in Menlo Park with her husband, two kids, and soon a couple of chickens. She prefers to go carless and enjoys a perfectly pulled espresso.