Marketing Associate

Melissa Costello

Melissa Costello is the Marketing Associate at Foundation Capital, where she manages the firm’s event and digital marketing. She spends her days building wide-ranging programs that serve the startup community and designing experiences for our founders and executive friends alike.

Wearing a ton of hats is the best part of the job. Every day is a fun new challenge.

When Mel isn’t working, you’re likely to find her enjoying a classic like Gone with the Wind, obsessing over her favorite home teams or nerding out about the latest Marvel movie in between ski trips with friends to Lake Tahoe.

What She does

Mel manages all event, program and digital marketing.


Mel holds a bachelor of arts in psychology and history from the University of California, Santa Barbara.


Mel’s an avid sports fan, traveler, reader, and foodie.


Want to chat? Contact Melissa at:

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