Venture Partner

Josh Manchester

Josh loves studying companies or trends which have touch points with governance or with large industries or parts of society that are off the Silicon Valley radar. 

He previously founded Champion Hill Labs, which performed consulting services for venture firms and hedge funds, and through which he invested in SpaceX, Flexport, and Rigetti Computing.  Before that he cut his teeth in the venture industry during six years on the team at TrueBridge Capital Partners, committing about $1 billion to venture capital firms globally as an LP, and leading the team’s investments in several mid-stage companies.  He began his career in finance at USAA Real Estate Company. 

Before becoming an investor, Josh spent about six years as an officer in the US Marine Corps, in infantry and combat engineering roles, and has led three different platoons ranging from 10-60 Marines.  In his last role he led a reinforced rifle platoon and was responsible for the security and civil development of a city of 10,000 people along the Euphrates River.  He graduated from Duke University.  When not chasing his young kids he enjoys Alan Furst novels and any time spent in the great outdoors.

Josh's favorites

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