General partner

Bill Elmore

Bill, who co-founded Foundation Capital in 1995, operates on the belief that substantial, sustainable companies are the result of matching technology and market opportunity with the right entrepreneur and management team.

He invests primarily in cloud applications and cloud infrastructure. He is on the Board of Directors of Graphcore, SpringCM, Venafi, and XMOS Semiconductor. Among his past investments are Atheros Communications (IPO, later acquired by Qualcomm), Azure Power {AZRE}, Commerce One (IPO) , Onyx Software (IPO), Women’s Wire (IPO), Network Computing Devices (IPO), ParcPlace Systems (IPO), Precept Software (acquired by cisco), MSDS Online (acquired by ICG Group), Envestnet (IPO), Tensilica, Wind River Systems (IPO), Pilot Network Services (IPO).

“Don’t be too quick to judge people.”

What he does

Helps entrepreneurs build strong organizations from the ground up.


Learns the most from the entrepreneurs. Also has BSEE and MSEE from Purdue University, and an MBA from the Stanford GSB.


This Math-loving VC, who has even been a cheerleader, loves science magazines and airplanes.


Want to chat? Contact Bill's assistant, Annette Giles: [email protected]