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Anna Clayton

Li Sun joined Foundation Capital as a Partner in Feb 2019. She comes from a global background spanning 4 countries with diverse experiences across engineering, science, technology and entrepreneurship. She holds a B.Eng in EE and business (1st class honors) from NTU in Singapore, an M.Eng in Materials Science from MIT, and a PhD in Applied Physics from Harvard.

While at MIT, she worked with one of the most prominent clean tech startups at the time, evaluating the commercialization potential of various clean technologies. Later on during her PhD, she cofounded and ran two startups on the side: a VR company that commercializes a transparent glass display she co-invented and an internet marketplace that helps better connect isolated communities. For her PhD thesis, Li developed a technology to identify and select individual effector T cell – tumor cell pairs, which has disruptive potential to the immunotherapy space and is turning into a startup in Boston.

Prior to Foundation, she was at Bessemer Venture Partners investing in frontier tech startups where she covered areas such as AI, robotics, space tech, manufacturing technologies (e.g. 3D printing), food tech, quantum computing, and everything frontier that doesn’t fit into the general categories (think of nuclear fusion or e-shepherding). At Foundation, she is excited to continue exploring new technologies and/or business models that will solve the world’s most critical problems. Also, as a former founder, Li is very passionate about supporting fellow entrepreneurs.