Jenny Kaehms



Growing up in the San Francisco Bay Area, Jenny enjoyed a frontrow seat as the internet transformed the entire planet. Her dad worked for the Internet Archive during the 90s when the firm was making a copy of the Web 1.0 internet with the Wayback Machine. He came home every day and made sure Jenny learned math so she would understand how the machines worked. Later, both Jenny’s parents became high school teachers, in math and biology, respectively. This inspired her to study bioengineering and pursue a career at the forefront of technology.

After graduating from UC San Diego, Jenny moved back to the Bay Area, where, to save on rent and be around other engineers, she turned a large house into a “hacker” or a place for engineers to build companies. This allowed her to learn about startups and be early to AI companies like Luminar (LAZR) and Lambda Labs. From managing a house full of engineers, Jenny became a research assistant at Canvas Ventures, eventually joining the investment team, with a focus on emerging tech (AI/BIO) and fintech.

At Foundation, Jenny invests across the enterprise stack, from applications to AI/ML infrastructure. She draws on her extensive network across senior customers, partners, operators, and investors to help entrepreneurs build the next generation of leading enterprise software companies. Jenny works closely with Foundation Capital’s portfolio companies, like Niftory, helping them with various needs across the organizations. She also curates Foundation Capital’s Austin Happy Hours, a monthly gathering of founders, executives, and angels in Austin, Texas, to share ideas on the evolving local tech ecosystem.

Jenny has a Bachelor’s Science in Biological Engineer from UC San Diego. At UCSD she received the Ann Craig Scholar’s award for her community service as a resident advisor for three years.

Jenny has lived and worked in both Austin and San Francisco, as well as Melbourne, Australia. She enjoys adventure and loves “airport books,” stand-up comedy, triathlons, and learning new technologies — and she is always open to recommendations!