Game Changers: A Conversation with Neil Hunt, Netflix Chief Product Officer

Twenty-five years ago I met Neil Hunt, now Chief Product Officer at Netflix, when I joined him and Reed Hastings at Pure Software. He was so young and slender at the time that I initially thought he was an underfed intern. Instead, he turned out to be one of the most impressive people I’ve ever worked with, and one of the best heads of product in the world.

So I was honored when Neil asked me to introduce and interview him at the Churchill Club, where he accepted the “Game Changer” award on behalf of Netflix. Amid the volatility of the Valley, there seems to be no end to Netflix’s ability to adapt and exceed their customers’ expectations, and Neil’s leadership is a big part of its success.

I kicked off our chat by asking Neil what it means to be head of product at Netflix. We then talked about how the company navigates today’s crowded content environment, creates value from data, and advances the state of the art in personalization. If you’re interested in a 20-minute masterclass on how to lead an industry by reshaping it, watch this conversation.