Foundation Capital Announces New Office

Once a millennium an event occurs that revolutionizes not only our jobs but also the way we work. “Everyone is getting a corner office!” said General Partner Ashu Garg. In what will likely make headlines across the globe, Foundation Capital is leaving behind its brick-and-mortar roots in Menlo Park and San Francisco, and laying a new foundation in the virtual reality realm. Employees will no longer be required to attend meetings in person—or even put on pants. “In the virtual world, I can be whoever I want to be. One day I might wear an Armani suit; the next I could be a lion,” General Partner Steve Vassallo said glowingly. So the next time you have a meeting with the partners at Foundation Capital, just put on your Oculus or Google Cardboard and come on by. We’ll be expecting you. Oh, and… Happy April Fools’ Day!