Congratulations to TubeMogul and Adobe!

Today’s acquisition of TubeMogul by Adobe is an exciting moment for both companies, and a proud one for all of us at Foundation Capital.

We’ve long believed that the world of marketing and advertising was on the cusp of (and now going through) radical change, and that, within the space, there was going to be particular focus on the digital revolution. (In fact, we’ve had quite a bit to say about it in our whitepaper MarTech and the Decade of the CMO, and its update, The 6th Key: The Revolution Will Not Be Televised.)

Of course, it’s one thing to have a theory of the case, and another to find dynamic individuals and companies that are setting out to prove the theory. That’s what we found when we met Brett Wilson and his team at TubeMogul back in 2010. We led their Series B that year and have been on this journey with them since, including their IPO in 2014.

Brett was kind enough to offer some words about our partnership on this big day: “Ashu Garg and the team at Foundation have been with us on every step of our journey. They truly understand the online video ecosystem and where the industry is going. They helped us build our idea into a product, build a product into a public company, and build a public company into one that’s now being acquired by one of the leaders in the digital marketing space.”

We’re thrilled to see TubeMogul join the amazing team at Adobe. Congratulations to all!

Read more about the acquisition here.