Our Administrative Staff

We never underestimate the value that our support staff plays in the company's success. They don't hesitate to remind us—correctly—that it is they who keep things running smoothly, and everything under control, in all areas that are critical to ensuring the success of our organization.

  • Melody Aprill

    Executive Assistant to Paul Koontz, Rich Redelfs and Rodolfo Gonzalez 

  • Dave Armstrong

    General Counsel 

  • Angela Baiamonte

    Executive Assistant to Paul Holland 

  • Robyn Basso

    Executive Assistant to Bill Elmore

Melissa Burroughs

Accounting Manager

Erin Cavanaugh


Melissa Costello


  • Gail Haney

    Chief Financial Officer

  • Savina Hong

    Staff Accountant

  • Ashley Kuhl

    Executive Assistant to Steve Vassallo and Adit Singh

  • Rebecca Mar-O'Driscoll

    Staff Accountant

  • Rita Murray

    Executive Assistant to Charles Moldow and Jonathan Ehrlich

  • Dianna Red Eagle

    Executive Assistant to Gene Trainor, Gail Haney and Dave Armstrong

    David Singer

    Director of Finance

  • Jan Slimmer

    Executive Assistant to Warren Weiss, Skip Glass and Mike Schuh

  • Erica Young

    Executive Assistant to Ashu Garg and Anamitra Banerji